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Our core competence is to limit disappearances of inventory in small and medium sized firms. We make security an investment rather than mere cost. Our ambition is that our effort becomes your revenue.

What our customers say about us

yourCompany has positively contributed to Plantorama’s efforts in countering disappearances of inventory.
They have helped us reach great results. Their very practical approach to countering losses,
to training our personnel and supporting our management is of great value for our business.
I strongly recommend yourCompany to other business managers.

Reference - Torben Castenskiold, CFO, Plantorama A/S - yourCompany

Since 2017, we have cooperated considerably with yourCompany on reducing disappearances of inventory in Johannes Fog.
We are extremely satisfied with the great results made on this area.
yourCompany is a deeply professional and a very competent partner in projects and in our operation.
If you want to reduce disappearances, I recommend yourCompany

Reference - Mads Hvelplund, Økonomidirektør, Johannes Fog A/S - yourCompany

We began cooperating with yourCompany during a large insurance investigation.
yourCompany supported us throughout the process. They prepared evidence and case material,
which ultimately resulted in us receiving a substantial compensation.
yourCompany contributes to the optimal conditions for our cycling team.
It is a pleasure to cooperate with yourCompany in finding always professional and competent solutions to our challenges.

Reference - Anders Gram, Direktør, Virtu Cycling Group - yourCompany

Since 2019, we have cooperated with yourCompany to ensure joy and satisfaction for our customers.
yourCompany has provided counselling and practical advice on our priority areas.
We already measure the effects of this cooperation, and we look forward to continuously reaching results.
We appreciate the competence, yourCompany provide. We hereby strongly recommend yourCompany.

yourCompany Reference BMW Danmark Tommas Larsen

Since 2020, we have been working with yourCompany. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.
We use yourCompany to reduce risks and losses. Their contribution strongly complements our skills
– and our finance and leasing business in general. Their work provides great overview, and they manage
to explain their methods. We recommend yourCompany as a business partner to other companies.

louise kapital

Since 2020, we have acquired yourCompany’s assistance. At short notice, they solved problems in an
area in need of their experience. They provide solid solutions and I never hesitate to consult with them.
With our strongest recommendations,

Jan Engelbrecht